Textile Standards

Precise Color Communication

Certifed Color Standards for Textiles are the combination of a visual reference fabric and a master electronic standard in the form of spectrophotographic refectance data. The measurement conditions are determined by the brand or retail program account and are typically stored in a qtx formatted file.

The 2” x 8” visual reference fabric is individually quality controlled to be within ΔE 0.50 CMC 2:1 to the master electronic standard.
Each visual reference is given a serial number which is unique and traceable to that individual standard.

What CSI Offers

  • Visual reference
  • Master electronic standard
  • Serialization & traceability
  • Global distribution through website
  • Customized carding


  • Improved color consistency from designer to consumer
  • Effective communications through entire supply chain
  • Shorter lead times for color approval process
  • Assurance that colors will stay constant across seasons


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