Spring/Summer 2015 Color Inspirations

Let our color be your inspiration

The spring rain comes quietly with a promise of change - calm and rejuvenating, soft and inspiring, washing off the last winter memories. We are content in the knowledge that after all, there are still new beginnings and possibilities. Finding sweetness in the simple pleasures of life, surely it is a gift or should we say a pure blessing. 

Searching for inspiration, is a unique experience for every person. Some discover it in the world that surrounds us -- in the beautiful architecture of the modern city, a weekend trip to the mountains or a long adventure on an exotic island. Others, in their creative process, are truly driven by emotions, thoughts and ideas, reflections of their unique personality. At the end it all come to balance and coherence. And color becomes the binding force in the inspiration, unifying concepts and emphasizing the designer's vision.

In Blissful, breezy aquas and delightful mints create an atmosphere of lightness and shabby chic. The vibrant tropical colors in Spring Break, accentuated perfectly by soft retro shades, create a sunny, care-free mood. The mood for Dots And Lashes, is vivacious and pleasant, with rich berry tones and silky pink for a glamorous appeal. The abundance of luscious greens brings depth and richness to the color palette in Rainforest, while bright corals and fuchsias make the color scheme more jubilant and festive. Cobalt blue and zesty yellow give Equilibrium an almost primary quality, while light blue and clean neutrals suggest an elegant, minimalistic approach.Rich tones of brown leather, spicy hues of red and orange, and raw neutrals are the core of Rustic Summer conveying a sense of warmth and thoughts of timeless tradition. Subdued shades of purple and mauve with elegant neutrals and classy blues compose Essence of Purity evoking a sense of serenity and elegant simplicity.

In our Spring / Summer 15 inspirations, we are offering our view on the important themes for the upcoming season, where color is again "in the spotlight". 






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